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 video experiences!

Download, contribute to, and collaborate on next-generation, open-source code for the streaming video industry.

open caching


from concept to code

Streaming Video Alliance member companies collaborate on best practices, specifications, guidelines, and more to solve critical technical challenges in streaming video reliable, at scale, around the world. The documentation that Alliance produces is then codified into various languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C#, and more and turned over to the community for implementation, testing, and refinement.


get involved today!

Our GitHub repos are completely open and all of our code falls under an MIT Open Source Software license. If you are interested in participating, you can check out our repo and jump into a project.

Current Projects

open caching

Uniting video delivery

Open Caching is an industry-wide initiative, with defined specifications and best practices developed by the Streaming Video Alliance, to unite streaming video caching and data sharing amongst providers. When service providers, rights holders, and network operators connect together via the Open Caching Network, video delivery data and caching insights can be shared to ensure the best possible viewing experience regardless of network.

This project is focused on developing working APIs against the specifications published by the Open Caching Working Group in the Streaming Video Alliance.


about the streaming video alliance

Comprised of members from across the video ecosystem, the Streaming Video Alliance is a global association that works to solve critical streaming video challenges in an effort to improve end-user experience and adoption. The organization focuses on three main activities: first is to educate the industry on challenges, technologies, and trends through informative, publicly-available resources such as whitepapers, articles, and e-books; second is to foster collaboration among different video ecosystem players through working groups, quarterly meetings, and conferences; third is to define solutions for streaming video challenges by producing specifications, best practices, and other technical documentation. For more information, please visit www.streamingvideoalliance.org.


making contributions to the cause

Many employees of the Streaming Video Alliance member companies plan on contributing code (or other work) to our LABS projects or are actively engaged in doing so. As our projects begin to take shape, contributors will be listed below. To contribute, you must work for a Streaming Video Alliance member company.


join the team and start developing!

Many Streaming Video Alliance member companies are participating in developing open source software based on our specifications and best practices. Below are some of the Alliance members who have expressed interest in working on a LABS project.

[gkit id=1]


project and other news

As our projects progress, we will post news here about development efforts, milestones, adoption, and more.

Jason Thibeault

Announcing the Streaming Video Alliance LABS Initiative

This blog post was originally published on the Streaming Video Alliance website. Although the Alliance has been very productive in developing best practices, specifications, and guidelines that can help make a better viewing experience at scale, it is hard to implement words and diagrams into a streaming video production workflow. With that in mind, we

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